The product I provide is an Application Packaging service.

What is Application Packaging ?

Application Packaging in a nutshell, is the process whereby the setup program for an application is modified or enhanced to produce a customised installation to meet specific business standards and requirements. The output from this process can range from .MSI files to executable applications to manage the install. Commonly used products to perform this task are Wise, InstallShield, and Wininstall.

Why do it ?

Application Engineering allows you to enhance the services to your internal customers by controlling and delivering a reliable and repeatable methodology for management of software on desktops, while the following benefits are realised by the Enterprise IT function:

  • Support costs lowered By providing a common desktop operating environment, calls to the help desk can be reduced and more easily managed. Also as software is now managed centrally Software engineers are no longer required to install on location.
  • Scalability Business growth can be met more quickly using this repeatable methodology
  • Standards It is easier to implement and manage standards throughout the enterprise.
  • Governance and Regulatory Compliance Changes can easily be implemented and automatically maintained throughout the Enterprise.


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