My name is Toby Lewis and I specialise in MSI, SCCM and App-V Application Packaging.

I have been employed in IT for more than 20 years working for a number of large Blue Chip organisations. 

I am an IT contractor offering my expertise in Application Packaging and deployment to clients in the South East either onsite or remotely.

Knowledge of:

AdminStudio  -  Wise  -  Radia  -  Orca  -  Installshield

AMP - Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 -  SMS/SCCM

App-V Sequencing -  OSD Scripting

Remediation & Shims  -  Windows Installer (.MSI)

Application Discovery  -  Visual Basic Scripting

ICE & ACE resolutions  -  Transforms (.MST)

Merge Modules (.MSM)  -  Patches (.MSP) - Active Directory

Please consult my profile for more details.

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Application packaging wraps applications and operating systems into a distribution unit.


This makes it easier to deploy and install them on users computers.



Therefore replacing the need for numerous tedious and costly manual installs.

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